Monday, 30 March 2009

Taking Shape Now...

So progress is being made! This is the first treatment for the cover of The Doctor Onofrio, the first instalment of the graphic novel version of Innominato. The guy pictured is called The Mask - and he was spooking folk around 600 years before Jim Carrey got into the business! Anyway, I suspect few of you will be surprised to hear that ol' Onofrio doesn't live happily ever after...

And here's the cover of the standard book version. I think you'll agree that the complex multi-layered visual juxtaposition used lends itself neatly to the extra-dimensional array of levels the morality themes the book employs?

Yeah, whatever; we just like black.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It All Happens in Cambridge

Yeah, so the University is 800 years old this year and there's all kinds of shindigs going on to celebrate that. Then, of course, we're doing our bit to celebrate Darwin's birthday and the publication of a certain book of his. But almost more important, almost as old, and almost as revolutionary, is the Innominato of course. That's who everyone's really talking about. A legend silenced by the Church in the 14th Century. Rediscovered 150 years ago and recorded for posterity but - alas - destroyed by agents sinister and unknown and thought lost to history with scant reference remaining. Until now. A serendipitous discovery - in a dusty, forgotten corner of a dusty, forgotten building - of a private manuscript has given us the chance to reveal the truth to the world once more - or at least as much of the truth as can be known. Sorcery, vampires, alchemy, murder?!

Check out the movie trailer!

Don't forget the dates - the original book, gorgeously recreated - 25th July, and then the Graphic Novel, for which we have a new poster above, is out 31st October.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Preparation for the publication continues apace. The original is being reproduced and each line has to be checked and corrected etc. The design of the cover is coming along too. It all takes time and patience - neither of which I have in abundance... Still, here I thought I'd show you the first poster for the graphic novel version (also coming along well).